[MiQP-Mail] Wanted: OhQP mobile partner

k8bb at comcast.net k8bb at comcast.net
Wed Aug 25 18:06:27 CDT 2004

My OhQP partner had an unfortunate situation come up and will not be able to
put together our intended/planned OQP mobile operation in time for the
contest. We were both really looking forward to it, but since he cannot
join, I will throw one together real quick, instead ...

W8UE and I did this two years in a row for the MiQP, a few years ago, and I
still have most of the stuff to do it again. I think I could put it all
together in my Jeep in an evening (probably Friday). I asked Ted, first, to
see if he wanted to do it on short notice, but he is already committed to
operate with WT9U.

My intended set-up:
- IC-765 converted for DC operation
- 486 laptop running NA for logging
- CW interface, CI-V interface, head-set, foot-switch, etc.
- another laptop computer with GPS for navigation.
- operator goes in the back seat, navigation computer lives in the front

I have two 3/8"x24 permanent antenna mounts on the roof, and a tri-magnet
mount for a third antenna. I think I have a couple of damaged HamStick
antennas, so I will have to look and see what I have that works and what I
need to improvise.

I have a couple of route ideas, through consultation with K8MR, one
requiring Friday evening travel to PA (overnight with family north of
Pittsburgh) and one that would allow for Saturday-only travel obligations.
Given the timeline, and the fact that I have rehearsal tomorrow night and
performance Thursday night (Our first football game is 5 days before the
school year even starts!) I would really only be able to put it together
Friday night, so traveling far for the start might not be a good idea at
this stage in the game.

Thoughts? Anybody interested?

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