[MiQP-Mail] WF5X from ISAB 2005 MIQP

Randy Love wf5x at interserv.com
Sun May 15 13:26:00 CDT 2005

Portable from ISAB

   80        20           119 
   40         8            52 
   20         0            40 
   15         0             0 
   10         0             0 
          -------    ----------
Tot QSOS     28           211 

QSO Pnts     56           211 

Total Points       267 
Multipliers        104 
Final Score      27768 

Better late than never! After arriving mid-morning at the ISAB QTH,
I kinda underestimated the amount of time to raise the antennas. 
As such, it was almost 1PM before I started operating. I was scratching
my head, because 40 mtrs wasn't supposed to be like that. Started to
think that the antenna was the culprit, but being as I was already an
hour late starting, I didn't want to loss more time raising the 'spare'
40 mtr dipole that I had made for the second radio. Turns out it would
not have made a difference, because as we all now know, 40 mtrs was all
messed up. First station I heard was K8XXX in BERR, and they were at 
150 or so. At that point I figured I was in for a disappointing result.
20 mtrs didn't do me any favors either, so my score suffered. And since
I was very hesitant to go to CW, it cost me. By 7PM, I hadn't even made
100 contacts. Deciding that things couldn't be worse, I trekked down to
80 mtrs. What a surprise that was! Not only was the band quiet, it was
usable! Stations from all over MI, including mobiles, were easily heard.
I closed out the last half hour strictly on CW to help the mult count. 
Needless to say, I learned a few things about what NOT to do for next 
CU in 2006 MIQP from ISAB again.
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