[MiQP-Mail] MiQP 2007 Planned Op WF5X/ISAB

Love, Randy RLove at RGIS.com
Wed Mar 14 07:07:48 CST 2007

This is my official announcement that I will be operating from ISABella
County for the 2007 Michigan QSO Party. 

The plan is to go to the site the weekend of the 14th to sling the ropes
for the antennas and do some preliminary checks.
On Saturday the 21st, I will leave the home QTH in Macomb county and
drive up to Isabella with rig and 'puter in tow. 
Planned operation is low power (100W) into a G5RV with a second rig and
40mtr dipole for tracking mobiles. Mostly phone because my CW is rusty
and I hate wasting other ppl's time with AGN? If you here me on CW
trying to run at 13 WPM or less, pse QRS. This time, I should have the
station up and running the entire 12 hours.

CU on MiQP.


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