[MiQP-Mail] 2007 MiQP Planned Operations Map Updated

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Fri Mar 16 09:33:22 CDT 2007


I'll be in either MONTcalm or KENT County - depending on who I can get 
to help with these two counties. 

I'll be using N8M, as typical of my operation.  I'd encourage everyone 
else to to apply for 1 by 1 calls which will spell "M A C K I N A C" - 
it's easy to do, takes only a couple minutes.  Look at 
http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/1x1.html for details.  Also, if you get one 
of these calls, put details of your operation on the ARRL special events 
web site http://www.arrl.org/contests/spev.html

I personally know that folks "look" for the 1 by 1 calls, and they're 
common enough by now so that they're understood and offer no impediments 
to the "real contester."

73 de n8xx Hg

David Pruett wrote:

>I've done the first update of the "2007 Planned Operations" map on the 
>MiQP home page at http://www.miqp.org.  Let me know if I missed anybody, 
>but keep in mind that I don't add an operation to the map until its more 
>or less certain.  E-mails saying "I'm thinking about..." have to 
>solidify before the county gets colored in.
>So far, we have K8MR/m and W8MRM/m covering all of the UP.  In the LP we 
>have fixed operations planned for AD8J/LEEL, K8MQP/CHEB, KG8JK/EMME, 
>Who else is going to be QRV and where?

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