[MiQP-Mail] Enhancement to the MiQP Web Site

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sat Mar 31 17:24:31 CDT 2007


We wanted to let everyone know about a fun enhancement to the MiQP web site.

Randy, WF5X invented some HTML code for the web site so that when you're 
viewing the "Planned Operations" map on the home page, if you move your 
mouse cursor over a county outline, the name and official MiQP 
abbreviation for that county will appear.  This is a very useful feature 
when you're trying to determine which county is which, and as Randy says 
"the rectangular ones all look the same".

We'd like to publicly thank Randy for creating and sharing this useful 
enhancement for the MiQP the web site.


The MiQP Committee

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