[MiQP-Mail] N8KR Air Mobile

Ken and Deb Rogner krogner at verizon.net
Thu Apr 16 22:15:41 EDT 2009

With positive weather forecasts for Saturday, the N8KR Air Mobile will be active in the MiQp at 6,500 feet primarily on 20 ssb. I will also have the ability to operate on 15 and 40 meters.  I plan minimal, if any, cw contacts, with a J-38 strapped to my leg.  Accurate navigation is by two approved FAA GPS units, one providing accurate county boundaries.  I will be active from noon to about 3:30 in the following counties, in this order:
St. Joseph    Cass    Berrien    VanBuren    Allegan    Ottawa    Muskegon    Oceana    Newago    Lake    Osceola    Mecosta    Montcalm    Ionia    Eaton    Calhoun    Branch

Antenna is a horizontal Vee with each leg at 19.5 feet being fed with an Alinco DX-70 at 50 watts.

CU on Saturday.
Ken - N8KR
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