[MiQP-Mail] AE8M mobile schedule

John Buchert ae8m.jb at fuse.net
Sat Apr 11 08:45:09 CDT 2015

Here is my planned schedule.  Times shown are the start time in each county
in EDT.  None of this is guaranteed.  I will start in Manistee County and go
south along Lake Michigan operating at least one hour in each county.  In
the afternoon I will be on 40M CW and SSB and 20M CW.  After dark I will be
on 40M CW and SSB and 80M CW.  I park to operate and so there will be dead
time between counties.


Manistee  12:00

Mason  1:55

Oceana  3:41

Muskegon  5:26

Ottawa  7:33

Allegan  9:24


My motel is in Ottawa close to Allegan.  I may choose to operate in Allegan
first, or perhaps operate in each county several times.  It will depend on
the operating site I can find in Allegan and my energy level at the end of
the day.



John, AE8M



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