[MiQP-Mail] Drumming up activity.

Morse, Earl (E.A.) emorse at ford.com
Wed Mar 14 07:55:54 CST 2007

I am hoping it is going to be active.  I will be at the BARA meeting
tomorrow night making the presentation.
I was checking the records for Van Buren and Cass county and found that
activity has been near non existant from those counties with the
exception of the mobiles passing through.  
Earl N8SS


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I had been planning on going back to WB9WYR's QTH again this year which
is just south of Niles in BERR as that had been rather rare.


I wonder if I should look for other options if BERR is likely to be


....Dave - N9FN




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MMMM pasties.  I like the meat pies too.  

2 years ago K8CC gave a presentation at the Motor City Club in order to
drum up some participation in the MQP.  I remember being inundated with
WAYN county that year so I know it worked.  Last fall I committed to
doing the same for my old club on the other side of the state so I hope
to see a rash of BERR in the log this year.  Most of these clubs are
dying for meeting programs and a 30 minute presentation would be
graciously received by their activity chairman.


>The Upper Peninsula ( "Yoop") is kind of famous for its Pastys. 
>The "A" in Pasty is pronounced like the "A" in Apple.  A Pasty is a
>pie; Pasties are worn by strippers. Improper pronunciation may produce 
>unexpected results. 


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