[MiQP-Mail] Drumming up activity.

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I had been planning on going back to WB9WYR's QTH again this year which is
just south of Niles in BERR as that had been rather rare.


I wonder if I should look for other options if BERR is likely to be active.


....Dave - N9FN




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MMMM pasties.  I like the meat pies too.  

2 years ago K8CC gave a presentation at the Motor City Club in order to drum
up some participation in the MQP.  I remember being inundated with WAYN
county that year so I know it worked.  Last fall I committed to doing the
same for my old club on the other side of the state so I hope to see a rash
of BERR in the log this year.  Most of these clubs are dying for meeting
programs and a 30 minute presentation would be graciously received by their
activity chairman.


>The Upper Peninsula ( "Yoop") is kind of famous for its Pastys. 
>The "A" in Pasty is pronounced like the "A" in Apple.  A Pasty is a meat 
>pie; Pasties are worn by strippers. Improper pronunciation may produce 
>unexpected results. 


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