[MiQP-Mail] 1 x 1 Calls

AD8J ad8j.1 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 19 13:40:56 CDT 2007

Having just returned from operating mobile in the VAQP
using the call N4T, I offer the following suggestion:

If the exchange starts with a number, don't get a 1 x 1
call that starts with an "N" as when you receive a CW
exchange that starts with an "N" you don't know if the 
station is sending your call or NR.  It might not sound 
like much but in the heat of the battle, when your brain 
is tired and on auto pilot, it can get confusing.  More 
than once, I had to ask for a repeat.  My butt is still
sore from kicking myself in the ass for not requesting
K4T as a call!

I ended up with 519 Q's as a solo mobile operator.
Biggest disappointment was finding the Skyline Drive
closed due to ice.  I was able to operate GRN and
RHM from up there as the county line crossed in the
1/4 mile section that was open.  The extra height 
didn't seem to make much difference in signal strength
but there was no QRN where I was.  I've never heard
the bands so quiet.  I was able to copy some real weak
stations that I know I would not have been able to copy
with normal QRN levels.

The other thing that was interesting, in VA,was the amount 
of daytime activity on 75/80.  When I operate from LEEL
next month, I will make it a point to be on 75/80 some
during daylight.

John Getz, AD8J

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