[MiQP-Mail] Work 80M!

Todd Fonstad tfonstad at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 19 14:31:22 CDT 2007

John Getz, AD8J, posted:

"The other thing that was interesting, in VA, was the amount of daytime
activity on 75/80.  When I operate from LEEL next month, I will make it a
point to be on 75/80 some during daylight."

John is absolutely correct!  In the WIQP on March 11, I began working
close-in stations (including many county multipliers) as early as 1:35 pm
CDT (contest started at 1 pm). This was from the mobile with a mag-mounted
75-meter Hamstick with an alligator clip at the end of the stinger to bring
resonance down to 3550 KHz. By 6 pm, I was not only continuing to work WI
counties and the upper Midwest, but was getting calls from stations as far
away as ME and FL. In the last hour (7 to 8 pm CDT), I made 70 Q's on 80M.

I think it was two years ago in the MIQP that 80M was wonderful the last few
hours of the 'test. I was sitting in some little 'burg in the UP just having
a blast on that band.

With some luck (wx, family schedule, etc.), I'll be back doing the solo
mobile in the UP this year. And ... I'll have three antennas ready to switch
to instantaneously ... 20, 40, and 80 and will work each of those bands from
the git-go.


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