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Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Tue Mar 20 13:44:02 CDT 2007

----- Comments initially sent via the Illinois QSO Party Reflector --------

Why should I be horribly biased toward the Michigan QSO Party.  I 
personally like the Illinois QSO party better - considerably better.

Why do I like it?

First of all, the folks in Illinois are a very friendly group.  They 
welcomed me with open arms, offered excellent answers to stupid 
questions from a ILQP newbie.

Second - they have this "silly rule" (at least considered silly by MiQP 
and OQP contest committee) which allowed me to park at the intersection 
of four counties and count four contacts for each contact.  That really 
filled up the log sheet quickly.  Michigan had a similar rule some time 
back, but dropped it for whatever reason.

Third - they really check the logs.  This was the first State QSO party 
where I had a list of "busted QSO's."  I've never had a busted QSO in 
Michigan nor Ohio, two places where I've operated as a fixed station.  
I'll be more careful in copying next year, and believe that this is a 
"real" contest vs a typical State QSO party.

Fourth - Eight hours was enough, especially in 2006, with temperatures 
in the 40's during the day, 30's as it was getting dark, and 25+ MPH 
winds, when I was prepared for 60°F+ daytime and high 50°F after dark, 
more typical.  I did bring a heavy coat, and had help from a local to 
deflect some of the wind from my dining canopy, but next year I'm 
bringing a tent in addition to the dining canopy, just in case.  When 
you're outside for 12 hours, like we do in the OQP, it gets to be a 
quite long day, and tearing everything  down after midnight is somewhat 
of a chore.

Michigan and Ohio QSO parties seem to be more "set in their ways" - they 
have made a few accommodations and changes to their rules, but they seem 
to have the mindset of a "die hard contest group," and things to attract 
and encourage more casual operators aren't included in their rules.

I'll definitely be back at the corner of  CHAM/DOUG/EDGR/VERM in 
Illinois during the 2007 ILQP!


Another State QSO party which seemed very interesting was the OKlahoma 
QSO party.  They enlisted 21+ operators to get 1x1 calls, and had a 
special incentive to spell OKLAHOMA from contacts with these 1x1 
stations.  It didn't seem to have anywhere near the level of in state 
activity as Michigan, Ohio, or Illinois, which was a bit of a downer, 
but they did allow parking at the intersection of 2, 3 or 4 counties.  
The mobiles/portables doing this had to make separate contacts 
(different from ILQP) but they'd send them rapid fire.  This interested 
lots of out of state stations.  If the OKDXA can enthuse more than a 
handful of in state stations, this could turn into a very nice QSO 
Party, and give folks in Ohio, Michigan, and other more organized state 
QP's.  So far I've not been able to encourage more than a handful of 
folks to sign up for 1 x 1 calls in Ohio or Michigan for their 
respective QSO Parties.

73 de n8xx Hg

John Geiger wrote:

 >Here are a couple of questions to obtain a completely non-scientific, 
unreliable poll about state QSO parties for an article I am writing.  I 
would appreciate feedback if you feel so moved.
 >Here are the questions:
 >1. Other than your own (which you should be horribly biased in favor 
of), what is your favorite state QSO party?
 >2. In your opinion, what makes a good state QSO party.
 >Thanks in advance for any answers I receive.
 >73s John W5TD


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