[MiQP-Mail] Tnx! from MARQ/KD8DKU

JohnF KC8ULE kc8ule at arrl.net
Sun Apr 19 08:43:17 EDT 2009

Can't be sure if it was just good operating conditions or a good 
location (up on a pretty good hill) but clearly the most activity I've 
ever heard during four years of whacking at MiQP.  Tnx! all for 
organizing and participating, eh?, from the fabulous UP of Michigan!

Also - I tried out N3FPJ's MiQP logging software and I am just stunned 
at how good it is.  Something about having the right tools making life 
better.  Very much worth the six bucks registration.  Ran fine on old 
Win98 laptop. I downloaded it late Friday night, Scott had the 
registration key to me before 6:00 am Saturday.

Finally, had the pleasure of seeing the UP rover guy cruise through 
Harvey, Mi.  Truely eye-popping array of skyhooks.  Special Tnx to them 
for the time and effort.

John Forslin, KC8ULE
Marquette, Mi
906 869-6621

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