[MiQP-Mail] K9TM/M results & info

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Apr 19 13:36:16 EDT 2009

# Counties activated: 12
# CW QSO's: 364
# CW Mults: 58
# SSB QSO's: 54
# SSB Mults: 25
Score: [(364*2)+(54)]*(58+25) = 64,906
Time: 10 hours

Band breakdowns (QSO's):
band	cw		ssb
80		72		n/a
40		190		45
20		102		9

Non-MI Mults missed on both modes: CT, VT, AR, HI, ID, NV, UT, ND, SD,  
MI Mults missed on both modes: too many to list
MI Mults worked on either mode: BARR, BAY, CHIP, GENE, HOUG, IONI,  
MI Mults worked on both modes: KENT, LIVI

Good Stuff or observations
There were many out of state folks who were there for every new county  
and made it fun!  All of the work put into the installation paid off.   
I had no electrical issues with the vehicle or the radio during the  
operation.  Operation from the vehicle is quieter than from my home  
station.  Twenty CW was a pleasant surprise.  It was a great day  
weather wise in MI. Safely traversing nearly 500 miles and getting  
50MPG while making QSO's... priceless.

Not so good stuff or observations
Sorry for confusion while I was in Montcalm but I looked at the MiQP  
website map and wrote down MONT as the map shows but the actual  
official abbr is MCLM.  People were confused between Montcalm and  
Montmorency.  If you copied my MONT then replace it with MCLM and  
you'll be OK.  Participation appeared to be down?  If you're going to  
stop at a rest area and do some operating park with the trucks as when  
cars pull up or go by you hear their electrical noise.  Several times  
I would get something going and then it would stop because someone in  
state plopped themselves on the freq and started running.  I'm not  
sure how this can happen when I'm working people but it happens a  
lot.  Maybe they can't hear me but they have to hear the people  
calling?  I'm not sure why but SSB from the vehicle just doesn't seem  
to work for running during a contest.  I tried to start something new  
(I think) but it didn't seem to take off.  I was running CW because it  
worked better than running SSB and would give a SSB freq where I would  
listen (split).  The thought was I could continue to run CW and give  
anyone who wanted the mult on SSB could call me (when I stop CQ'ing to  
listen on CW, I would also be listening for SSB).  This didn't work at  
all.  People didn't seem to want to initiate the call, they wanted to  
be called?  Hopefully this will pickup steam in the future.  It seems  
efficient for everyone involved. Don't use a keyboard with a funky  
layout that you're not familiar with (especially problematic once the  
sun goes down and you can't see the keys). I couldn't get the K8XXX  
20m SSB Op's attention from one county away (KENT or IONA) even though  
they were S9+20... CQ'd in my face.  I missed the Cav's game but at  
least they won.  I also missed the Indians handing it to the  
Yankee's.  Seeing the highlights of both games was very satisfying  

General comments
A huge amount of work to get things ready and make it happen for a  
mobile operation.  It's definitely easier to do a portable operation  
than a mobile operation.

The goal was to do 500 Q's and 100+ mults.  Had I finished the last  
two hours, the QSO total would have been in line with the goal.   
However, the mult total is a huge disappointment. It seems conditions  
had more to do with this than anything since most of the missed mults  
were within MI.  Maybe having 75m (SSB) would have helped but given  
how tough 80m (CW) was in-state and how tough SSB was on 20m/40m I'm  
not convinced it would have helped.

It will be interesting to find out how other MI stations (mobile and  
fixed) did at working MI counties.

All and all a good time although I'm not sure mobile is in my future  
until the conditions get much better.  Thanks for all the QSO's and I  
hope I was able to give out a few counties that you wouldn't have  
otherwise worked.

73's Tim K9TM

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