[MiQP-Mail] K8AAX MQP Summary

Paul Valentine Jr. k8aax at sbcglobal.net
Sun Apr 19 14:27:14 EDT 2009

Call used: K8AAX                                        Location: WASH
Category: Single Op All Band             Mode: MIXED           Power: 100W
     band   CW QSOs    CW pts   Ph QSOs    Ph pts
      80            76              152          23        23
      40            66              132          35        35
      20             3                 6              0         0
     TOTAL     145              290          58        58
 ( 348 ) QSO points  X  ( 93 ) Multipliers  =  32,364 points
 Club or Team Name: Mad River Radio Club
There were times when I was excited and times when I was bored.  I went from 0 SSB last year to almost 30% SSB this year.  That has to be worth something.  Almost 50% of the Q's were on 80 compared to almost nothing last year.  That made the County count go up.  
Summary:  35 MI Counties; 35 States and Provinces including 2 WY, 2 MT, 3 DE.
Most worked states: TN, PA, VA.  
Most fun:  35 Q's in the last 40 Minutes of the contest--an actual run.  Everyone seemed to be glad to see me.
Thanks to everyone on the MQP committee for all of the work promoting, checking logs, and doing everything to make a real first class QSO Party.  There are a lot of stations from around the country and in MI now that work the contest and run up very good QSO numbers.  That is a tribute to the hard work of the committee. 
Thanks to everyone for the Q's.  It was fun.  Paul K8AAX
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