[MiQP-Mail] MiQP K8MAD(N8XX) Single Op LP

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Apr 19 15:31:23 EDT 2009

                    Michigan QSO Party

Call: K8MAD
Operator(s): N8XX
Station: N8XX

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6

Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:   51     45
   40:   36     19
   20:    4      0
   15:    0      0
   10:    0      0
Total:   91     54  CW Mults = 45  Ph Mults = 46  Total Score = 22,878

Club: Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association


Fun contest, even though Murphy struck.  For the Ohio QSO Party I had
loaned my Computer to rig interface to a friend but, alas!, didn't get
it back. So, I cobbled another together with parts on hand.
Unfortunately, I didn't check it out prior to the event.  It was DOA.  I
looked it over, but didn't see anything wrong.  So, I hooked up my
ancient bug (circa 1955, hadn't been used since the 80's).  It had
corroded contacts, and simple burnishing didn't do much. Brought out the
trusty J-38, and did the pump handle thing.  It's amazing that 1800's
technology still works in the 21st Century!  Even at 1 p.m. 20 metres
was all but dead, so quick move to 40.  About 4 p.m. I looked over the
computer interface, tried it again, and, LO! And Behold! It worked.
But, after about 10 Q's it went into an oscillation and wouldn't stop -
made a horrible noise in the rig, and probably on the air.  After
unhooking it and reinstalling it, the same problem, so back to the
trusty J-38.  At that point I didn't determine if it was the USB to Com
port device, or the Com port to rig which I had assembled. The trusty
J-38 worked great!

Thanks to all who slowed down to my hand sent hand keyed speed, even
though I could copy faster.  It's nice to see that a rookie would have
been treated well.

K8MAD was an interesting call, especially on phone.  People would do a
double take, and I'd say I was the "mad man from Michigan."

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