[MiQP-Mail] MiQP N9KI/8 Multi-Multi LP

DGB ns9i2016 at Bayland.net
Mon Apr 20 15:29:42 EDT 2009

MI Qso Party

Call: N9KI/8
Operators: NS9I, K0SN, AA9PB

Class: Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter
QTH: Menominee County, Michigan
Operating Time: 12 hrs.


 Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
   3.5   CW     171      142    27
   3.5   LSB    125      125    42
     7   CW      244     488    47
     7   LSB     159      159    32
    14  CW       67      134    17
    14  USB      56        56    18

Total  Both   822      1304  183

Score: 238,632


Working again this year from the Upper Peninsula's beautiful Shakee 
Lakes Park in Menominee Country, 10 miles west of Stephenson.

(2) CW stations running 100w from K0SN'S small travel trailer, with K0SN 
Tom and NS9I Dwight operating.
(1) SSB station running 100w from AA9PB's small travel trailer, AA9PB 

(2) 80m Dipoles, (1) 40m dipole, (1) 20m dipole, all up at the top of 
some big White Pines and all feed with tuned feeders, no-tuners!

Started setting up on Friday and finished Sat. morning with great 
weather, sunshine and warmth. Many flocks of geese and ducks flying over 
all day.

Saturday, late night brought us high winds and a dramatic drop in temps, 
low of 34 by Sunday morning with rain greeting for the teardown activiites.

Still better than last year though, with the lakes still having some ice 
on them, cold and rainy the entire weekend, and  many Loons with their
young paddling around the lakes, and being real noisy.
Band's conditions were up and down, sometime a sig would be over s-9 and 
the next moment, gone, fast QSB.

Overall we had a lot of fun operating just across the border, bonfire 
and brews on Fri. night after a super fish fry at a local pub, great 
breakfasts from
the local diner in Stephenson. Visited by K8NB, Noel from the local area.

Thanks to all for the participation and  QSO's.

73 Dwight NS9I

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