[MiQP-Mail] NF8M report

nf8m at fmaynard.com nf8m at fmaynard.com
Wed Apr 22 12:36:51 EDT 2009

Call: NF8M  Location: LAPE
Category: SOAB Mixed QRP
Hours of operation: 07:48
255 QSO points x 78 mults = 19,890 claimed score

Breakdown by band:
80m, 76 CW 34 SSB
40m, 27 CW 2 SSB
20m, 6 CW 1 SSB

Club: Michigan State University ARC

Soapbox: The MQP weekend usually conicides with our Boy Scout Troop's 
monthly campout and this year was no exception.  We camped at D-Bar-A 
Scout Ranch near Metamora in Lapeer County so I was glad to be able to 
hand out a mult other than OAKL for a change.

The weather was, of course, gorgeous, and the campsite was perfectly 
situated for wire antennas. 70-foot trees with craggly branches way up 
high surrounding an open space that was about 150 feet wide - a perfect 
fit for my 80 meter doublet.  It took about an hour to fly the ropes with 
the aid of my slingshot/fishing reel, but I got the ropes up about 50-60 
feet and hauled up the antenna shortly thereafter.  A quick setup of the 
FT817 and tuner, and I was on the air about 1500 local time.  No computer 
this time; sent and logged by hand.

The boys trickled back from the rifle range and hiking trail and naturally 
gathered around the station ("Are you talking to aliens? What are those 
beeps?  What are they saying? It sounds like the North Pole! Why do you 
use Morse Code? Couldn't you just talk?" )  The adults kept asking how I 
got the ropes up so high in the trees, and everybody was asking how far 
away I was working.  ("I think I heard another alien!")

Camp duties kept me from spending the whole day on the radio, but I 
managed to get a few solid segments, including some good runs (even at 5w, 
there were mini-pileups).  I had to QRT at 2300 local for lights-out, but 
managed 146 Qs, much improved over the last MQP camp operation two years 
ago.  QRP contesting can be frustrating, but it can be fun when you are at 
the center of attention!

Frank Maynard, NF8M
nf8m at arrl.net

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