[MiQP-Mail] W8OAK EOC Summary

Randy Love wf5x at interserv.com
Tue Apr 28 22:13:17 EDT 2009

    Michigan QSO Party Score Summary Sheet

      Start Date : 2009-04-18

   CallSign Used : W8OAK
     Operator(s) : AB8JR, KD8ATK, KD8CMD, KD8DLV, KJ8O, N3BEL, N8AO, N8ZSA, WF5X, WU8Y

            Band : ALL
           Power : LOW
            Mode : MIXED

        Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
         3.5  CW      77     154   29
         3.5  LSB    169     169   47
           7  CW      50     100   20
           7  LSB    117     117   29
          14  USB     27      27   14
          28  USB      1       1    0
       Total  Both   441     568  139

           Score : 78,952

Well, by no means a stellar performance, but this is much better than our efforts last year, even with our share of Murphy's wrath! We knew we were in for some trouble because the weather was perfect and the antennas went up *way* too easy. We had logging software ( and network issues ) again this year. This cost us a full hour, plus several 10+ minute long downtimes during the first 3 hours. One downtime happened due to the CW interface locking up the computer that had the main log database on it. So, next year we will absolute make sure that the logging software and cw interface are operational the night before the MiQP and that the log database is on a dedicated computer NOT used for anything else. Otherwise, we had a great time. Only worked *one* mobile. Just never heard them. The bands sure were finicky this year. Our only DX was on 40m when we worked CU2JT on CW. 

73 from all the crew at W8OAK - Oakland County ARPSC EOC station, 

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