[MiQP-Mail] [SPAM] Hooray! Only two counties left

Jim Callow jcallow at k8ir.com
Thu Apr 16 13:45:20 CDT 2015

Actually, K8IR/m is going through PRES, I just forgot to put it on the list
this morning.


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Just in case someone hasn't checked the planned operations page 
recently, 81 of the 83 counties have planned operations this weekend.   
Only two counties are missing at least one planned operation, and many
counties have several.

It seems to me that the new Cabinet Counties award has been a boon for
ensuring that a number of these semi-rare counties will be on the air.

I about fell out of my chair when I saw the announcement of the planned
operation from KEWE by W8K.  We're all grateful to this person or group for
taking the initiative to activate this very remote and rare county, and we
wish them success.

In fact, we wish success for everyone undertaking MiQP operations this

We have a very real chance to get all 83 counties covered with planned
operations for the first time in several years. Usually, KX8D is on from
PRES; maybe he just hasn't had a chance to post a planned operation this
year?  N8LC has been known to operate from HURO, but they've announced plans
to go back to LAPE again.

Not intending to tell anyone what to do, but perhaps it would be possible
for K8IR/m to tweak their route a smidge to hit PRES, and W8UE/m to adjust
his route to hit HURO?

You never know; it's a little late to start preparations now, but perhaps
I'll try to jump into my Jeep and head north for a few QSOs from HURO before
settling in to an operating chair at the K8MQP multi-single operation from
LIVI :-)

Good luck to everyone this weekend.

73, Dave/K8CC

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