[MiQP-Mail] MiQP Michigan Rookie High Score Plaque

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Fri Apr 17 15:26:12 CDT 2015

In the interest of stimulating activity amongst new hams, the Michigan 
QSO Party offers a plaque for the high score achieved by a MiQP rookie 
single-operator ("rookie" being defined as someone who has never 
operated MiQP before, either by themselves or as part of a 
multi-operator team).  This is a really beautiful plaque, like all the 
others awarded for MiQP.  Certificate are also awarded to the 2nd and 
3rd place rookies.  However, in recent years, the interest in Rookie 
competition has dwindled.  In fact, nothing was awarded (the plaque or 
certificates) in 2014 because no Michigan entries claimed rookie status.

Whether this lack of interest is due to poor publicity or some other 
impediment is hard to tell.  However, this has led to some discussion 
about discontinuing these awards within the MiQP Organizing Committee.

So to stave off the extinction of these awards, if you have a ham buddy 
in Michigan who likes to operate HF, and has never operated MiQP before, 
why not twist their arm and get them on the air this weekend?  Send them 
to the "In-state Operating Tips" link in the "Contents" section on the 
MiQP home page http://www.miqp.org to arm them with some strategy, and 
they might even win some really spiffy hardware or a certificate for 
their efforts.  This should be an exciting weekend what with all 83 
counties planned to be on the air, and the availability of the Cabinet 
Counties award.

To claim rookie status, all a rookie entry must do is put "ROOKIE" 
somewhere on their paper summary sheet or in their electronic Cabrillo 
log file entry.

73, Dave/K8CC
One of the crew signing K8MQP this weekend

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